Women are complex creatures!

Women are complex creatures. They have weird minds and they have weird logics. In this book I will try to explain how women work and what to do if we react in a certain way. This book is written by a woman and it’s written for men. Taking the advices is up to you and I can’t guarantee it will work because every woman is different, but this will be including a lot of types of reactions by different types of women.

This book will be discussing a lot of things. Different types of situations and different types of reactions women can give to you in these situations. This book will give some sort of lessons or rules and hopefully it will help all men in understanding women better.


4. The Period

Hey readers! I thought I would give you a new chapter today, as it is my birthday! Turning 19 yaay! So have fun reading! Love! Menstrual Cycle also called a period. Girls usually get this between their 10th and 15th birthday. From the first period, she will start to develop boobs and she will get more of a womanly figure. She will also be able to conceive from this first period. Due to the hormone change after the first period, their mind will be more set on reproducing. She has to grow before her first period, because usually after a first period you’ll grow not that much anymore. This is all caused by our hormones. A period is something women have to endure between from their 10-15 birthday till around their 50th birthday. That is about 500 periods in their life. Most periods take between 1 and 7 days. With a period come a couple of symptoms/complaints. Women often will complain about their period. Some of those complaints are: - Stomach ache - Back pains - Cramps - Hormone level changes - Feeling changes - Headaches - Pains - Lack of mobility due to the pain - Usually great changes in state (like cranky, happy, crying) - More emotional - Eating more - Keeping liquid in the body - Gaining weight - Insecurities What can be done about the period complaints: - Most of the complaints can’t be helped. That is just a consequence from the hormones. - Some complaints like Cramps, Back pains and such can be helped with lots of warm drinks, massages and/or a nice and warm stoop. - Some of the pains can be helped with pain medication, but that can cause sleepiness. - Usually chocolate will help, because chocolate usually contains endorphins which makes people happy. - Telling her she’s beautiful a lot of times can also help with her insecurities. Women usually expect men to apply to their every wish when they are on their period, because men don’t have to endure a few days’ long torture. Which means that being cranky back to women will usually cause them to be more cranky and angry. And they will just freak out. But remember it’s all caused by the hormones. The other weeks of the month (without a period), she will just be a normal creature instead of an abnormal creature that is even more complex than normally. So that’s why ‘women are complex creatures!’
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