Women are complex creatures!

Women are complex creatures. They have weird minds and they have weird logics. In this book I will try to explain how women work and what to do if we react in a certain way. This book is written by a woman and it’s written for men. Taking the advices is up to you and I can’t guarantee it will work because every woman is different, but this will be including a lot of types of reactions by different types of women.

This book will be discussing a lot of things. Different types of situations and different types of reactions women can give to you in these situations. This book will give some sort of lessons or rules and hopefully it will help all men in understanding women better.


3. Dating sites

Profile pictures:

Your profile picture has a few no no’s. women will look at your appearance and what you’re on the photo with so. Don’t take a picture whilst smoking, don’t take a picture whilst drinking. Don’t take a picture whilst without a shirt. Don’t do a black and white picture. Don’t take a fake picture. Don’t take a picture with your penis on it.

The pictures that attract women are the ones with just one person on it. Well dressed in your own clothing style. And laughing. Laughing attracts women, it makes you seem happy and fun to hang out with.


Pick-up lines:

Some pick-up lines are to corny for words watch them. Don’t say you are so pretty can I have your number. Make up a cute line yourself. Start with an original compliment or just say a simple hey. Don’t ask her number or skype within the first 10 minutes of talking.

When you are talking a little longer you can start with the cliché sentences. They can make the chat a lot more fun, but watch them. Too much of them is a turn off!


Asking for her Skype/Number:

Wait for the talk to run good or till she brings it up. NO you’re pretty can I have your number or skype. If you want to have SEX-talk on skype ask her first. Ask her if you want to show her some body parts. And don’t ask her for pictures with too little clothing.



Make a list of everything you look for in a girl. Ask her anything you want to know. If she doesn’t want to answer you’ll know it soon enough.

Things that can go on the list are things like, she has to be nice, she has to be good looking, she has to have humor, she has to be able to cook, she has to love football. And things like that. If you want to ask questions ask normal questions about her hobbies and stuff. Asking her weight is rude, just like asking if she’s a virgin!



Some subjects to talk about. Studies/school/work, hobbies, family, vacation, what are you looking for, favorites (actor, movie, books, sports, foods). Show her some interest and show her that you are listening to her. And learn that 1 times no is enough. NO = NO.



Ask for a meeting when you are talking for a while so you know each other. For where to go look at the chapter Dates. And prepare her for such a question. Preparing can be done by asking her every once in a while what she  would do if you two would meet. Or if she ever thinks about meeting you. What also can happen is she finds out where you  work and she can surprise you there. You can use that the other way around. If a women works in a store or at a restaurant/café or something public like that you can find her and secretly meet her. That way you can start a real relationship being it either friends or being something more.



Say what you mean. And try to be concrete. Us women try to analyze everything. Only saying I  like you will gives us thoughts like, does he like me as a friend/as a sister/ as a lover/ as something else? If I say women tend to analyze everything I mean everything.


And that’s why ‘women are complex creatures’!

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