Geek Charming [l.h]

Jiordan Matthews was somewhat on the lines of a nerd, or a geek, -as some liked to call her- all throughout primary school years. As she had hit high school, and her mum died, she learned to stand up for herself. she changed her look and even lost her real best friend on the way. she did miss him, even their other best friends. but luke was always too scared to approach her, of what she would think, but now he has a real reason to talk to his old best friend.

[This book is a spin-off version to the actual movie, Geek Charming.]
Sarah Hyland plays Jiordan Matthews.

- NEW COVER: all credit goes to Txmblr Queen! -


3. w a s t e d


Jiordan and parties don't actually mix that well together, so when she had gotten an invite, she was quick to come up with an answer that seemed real enough so she didn't have to attend.


It came to realization, when she was reading that same old stupid book that the teacher gave out to the whole class, that the party was at the end of the block. She didn't think much of it - as it was only 8pm - so she continued reading, annoyed that she'd read it so much she felt sick to her stomach. She kept reading, and reading and she still didn't get whatever the message was.


When it got to 11pm the latest, she could literally hear the music from the few houses down, it sounded like she was listening to it from her own stereo in her own house.


She put her head down in to her somewhat soft hands, thinking, "i'm not gonna do it- i'm not gonna..." but she knew she hadn't been to a party in forever, and she also knew she missed it; even though by half way through she is a total mess. 

Sighing and saying something on the lines of, "oh, what the hell,", she got off her bed that was rather messy and quickly put something together that was party worthy for tonight.


Although she wished he was; her daddy was not at home that night because he was supposedly 'working' like always. Why'd I use quotation marks around working? - I don't know. Sometimes she thinks his not even at work, he's somewhere else.


Jiordan marched right to the end of the block, to the house on the corner, walking straight in without knocking the slightest on the door. I mean, it's a party - who cares anyway, am I right?


"Oh, my god, you're here!" that dumb blond, running the party, spotted her first.


Without a second thought, Jiordan had grabbed her Red cup, and drank it until there was no more. the dumb blond, Alisha, didn't really care. She just smiled and walked off to do god knows what. She had a crush on Lucas - even admitted it in front of him - which he thought was totally gross because you could say he still had feelings for Jiordan at that time.


she walked to the kitchen, ready to fill that same red cup up with god knows what.


By the time she got to her third and a half cup, she was completely

w a s t e d.


a/n- this is so suckish oml.

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