Geek Charming [l.h]

Jiordan Matthews was somewhat on the lines of a nerd, or a geek, -as some liked to call her- all throughout primary school years. As she had hit high school, and her mum died, she learned to stand up for herself. she changed her look and even lost her real best friend on the way. she did miss him, even their other best friends. but luke was always too scared to approach her, of what she would think, but now he has a real reason to talk to his old best friend.

[This book is a spin-off version to the actual movie, Geek Charming.]
Sarah Hyland plays Jiordan Matthews.

- NEW COVER: all credit goes to Txmblr Queen! -


1. Jiordan Matthews


Jiordan Matthews - [25/09/2009]


That moment when I neared the school, I got that feeling in my gut, telling me what I did was wrong. I believed that feeling.


But I also believed enough is enough.


I was tired of being that girl who'd always get pushed around by bullies, picked on for wearing glasses. You know, sometimes you don't actually just wear glasses and you're automatically a nerd, because I sure as wasn't. I just had bad vision.

But that's not what Martha Jane and her posse thought. God I hated them.


I would've came to my mother about all of this and what to do- but my mum died a few months ago. I try not to talk about it, it was depressing for Luke and I. I mean of course because I was her daughter but Luke's always had this connection with her.




God, I loved that boy, even though he'd never ever love me back because look at me. Seriously lets be in the real world and not wonder off to a land of shirtless lukeys although i wish.


Although I wish... Luke was just my best friend, ever since like Fourth grade maybe? - Who knows, i'm not really that good with numbers, i just get luke to help me with all that.

I kinda guess I wanted to be one of those people who didn't think much of what people said about me, but I just couldn't stand it. 

Luke said I looked pretty when I had no glasses on; so I had gotten contacts to match my already Green eyes.


As I walked through the wide doors to continue down the hall to my locker, people were indeed staring. I mean I would to if i had picked on someone and the next day they came to school with a whole new wardrobe and there glasses aren't positioned on their face anymore.


I turned the combination with ease - 35, 3, 12; and I shouldn't have told you that.


"You have your hair down today?" Luke.

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