Stranded - Luke Hemmings F.F

That's what we are
We've been on this island for 3 months, I've been keeping track ever since we crashed.
Oh by we, I mean me and Luke
Do you want to know how we got here...? Well let me tell you how it happened.....


3. Chapter 2

Raven's POV:

4 Months before accident

"I can't wait to go on the cruise on Friday! I'm so excited, it's all I ever think about" I told my best friend, Karen. Two more days! Yay!

Were in school right now, it's the last period of the day and were just sitting in class doing nothing, it's pretty boring

It's almost the end of May, May 21 to be exact and school is almost over in four weeks. That means Graduation is coming soon!! My parents got me an early gift, it's a two week vacation on a cruise so I'll be leaving on Friday May 23 and I'm coming back on June 6. Then in two weeks from there I'll be graduating on June 23. I can't wait! I'm so excited to finally get out of that school. Of course I'm going to miss my friends and some of the teachers but it's school, no one likes school right.... Ok maybe I do, just a little....

"I know your so lucky to be able to go on a cruise just before graduation! I wish I could come" Karen said excited for me

"I know, I wish you were able to. I don't want to be there on my own, my parents aren't even coming that's the scary part. Why do I feel like there trying to get me out of the house though" I said chucking

Karen laughed and grinned mischievously "maybe they want you out of the house to make you a little brother or sister" she said cracking up

"Ewww Karen!!" just thinking about it gives me the chills "although I wouldn't mind having a little brother or sister running around the house. I don't like being the only child"

Karen and I laughed as we talked about random stuff, just then the bell rang and it was time to go home. Finally!

Karen and I walked out of the class after we grabbed our stuff and walked out the school. "Hey Raven, can you give me a ride home, my parents aren't home to pick me up" She said following me to my car

"Sure" I drop her off at her house every once in a while, when ever her parents don't come to pick her up or when she doesn't drive to school. She doesn't like riding the bus, she got kicked off the bus so now she can't ride it, why...? because she got into a fight with some girl over a stupid reason.

She hopped into the passengers seat and I started driving my car out the parking lot before any of the other students get out because there is always a big line to get out of the school. We have to wait for the busses to leave first then we can leave after they leave. So I drove to the front of the line, behind the busses and waited for the busses to leave.

"OMG! so you know how we've been trying to get the tickets to a 5sos concert?" Karen said shifting in her seat and looked at me excited

"What what what!!" I said excited I think I know where this is going

"Well, they are going to be here August 13!" She squealed. My eyes widened "and" I said motioning for her to keep talking

"I got them!! For both of us!" We both started screaming in the car, I got so excited I swerved the car "holy crap! don't kill us before the concert" Karen joked

"Omg I'm so sorry I just got excited!" I calmed my self down and started driving carefully, I'll fangirl when we get home


Once I dropped Karen off at her house she gave me the ticket that she printed out once she bought the tickets

She's an amazing friend, I love her to death she's my sister that I never had. Last year I bought her, well us tickets for a 5sos concert for her birthday and we were on the floor, the stage was far away from us but we were still close to the stage. We tried to get them to notice us but it didn't work out.

Were not that crazy for them....well in not, Karen is though. She has posters all over her wall, her whole photo album on her phone is full of the boys and she even got Calum to follow her on twitter. That lucky bi-

A knock was heard at the door then my mom came in "Raven, dinner is ready" my mom said

"Coming" I said and grabbed my phone and followed her to the kitchen.

I sat down at the table with my mom and dad and we started eating, mom made spaghetti, delicious!

"How was school" my dad asked then shoved a fork full of spaghetti in his mouth

"Mmhh.. same as always, boring" I said shrugging "Ohhh but guess what!! Karen got us tickets to a 5sos concert in August!" I said excited

My parents both playfully rolled their eyes, they get annoyed because I always talk about them and I make them watch all the music videos when they come out. "You sound like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve" my dad said laughing

I glared at him then shook my head at his comment and laughed "I don't care, I'm excited! You know what else I'm excited for!!!!" I said in a sing-song voice

"What" they both said

"The cruise!" I shouted "thank you so much, I love you guys so much!" then i drank some water

They both laughed "your welcome hunny, you deserve it, you have all A's and it's your graduation present" my mom said

"Thank you, really you have no idea how happy I am" i said while twirling my fork in the spaghetti

"Are you happier then going to the concert?" my dad joked

"Psshhhh... no the concert is my life" I said laughing "just kidding," not really "I'm excited for both"

My dad laughed "you and your bands" I also have a thing for one direction, which they also are going to be at the concert! i cant wait!

After dinner was over I helped my mom wash the dishes and I went to my room and started stalking- I mean doing research on 5sos on YouTube and started watching every single video of them on there that I could find.


So I tried making this long but I don't think it is.

I hope you likes it

tell me what ya think.

Everything I said there about how she shows the videos to her parents when ever a video comes out, that's what I so with one direction and 5sos to my parents and brother and sister hahahah. I make them sit there and watch it.

I remember showing my brother the 'She looks so perfect' video and he was like "ahhhh!! I'm scared for life!!!"

I was laughing at him the whole time. XD

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