Stranded - Luke Hemmings F.F

That's what we are
We've been on this island for 3 months, I've been keeping track ever since we crashed.
Oh by we, I mean me and Luke
Do you want to know how we got here...? Well let me tell you how it happened.....


2. Chapter 1

Raven's POV:

Hey there, my name is Raven and im 18 years old, I have long brown hair and brown eyes.

So as you know I'm currently stuck on an island, I'm not alone, I'm with Luke Hemming's

Yup you heard that right.... Luke from 5 seconds of summer.

I'm picking some berries and gathering other kinds of fruit to take back to our shelter.

Luke is... who knows where, he's probably getting water from the stream we found. The stream leads to a small water fall and it's really beautiful, the water is nice and fresh.

As I told you before we've been on this island for three months, I feel like I'm going to start going crazy if we don't get off this island any time soon.

I picked enough fruit and well anything that looks edible and made my way back to the beach, that's where we set up our "camp" I guess you can call it.

The beach water is nice and blue, you can see the sand and sea shells. I love going in and just swim around. The water is always warm, sometimes depending on the weather it's cold.

We set up out shelter by the beach so just in case a boat or plane goes by it will see us. Every day and night I set up a fire and make a smoke signal so ships can see it and hopefully come to our rescue, but as you can tell it haven't been working.

You want to know how we got on this island..... well this is how we got on the island


This is such a horrible chapter, well it feels like it. I hope you guys liked it?



Sorry it was short

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