I Just Wanna Run

She was a free spirit and ran with the wind, up until recent events. No longer being able to run, she tries to find new hobbies. Along the way she makes some friends and maybe someone a little more special. Will she be able to run again or will she let cancer rule her life?
*Rated Y just for precaution*


1. Prologue

Running was her get away. It calmed her nerves and she just enjoyed the rush of it all. The trees and flowers passed by in a colored blur and the sounds of traffic was music to her ears. That was until the incident happened..

I couldn't breathe. That was all I remembered. I couldn't breath and my legs couldn't move. My heart raced on, but my lungs stopped. That was before I was diagnosed with lung cancer. You could say I was Hazel Grace now, only I still have my hair. I refuse to take Chemotherapy, since I thought I can outrun cancer and take ahold of my lungs by myself. I still do believe I can do it. I know, I'm stupid.

Well, gotta go to the doctors to get a check up. Bye!

(Sorry, it's short! Do hope y'all like this!)

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