How Could you?

Stacy Peterson is a normal down to earth girl who loves to sing and dance. She has a boyfriend, who is the brilliant Justin Bieber. They have been dating for 5 years straight. But what happens when Justin gets bored with Stacy.


2. The New Girl

    Justin's POV

I was heading home from work when I got really hungry. I decided to drop by Star Bucks and grab me something to eat. I parked my white Ferrari and went inside the deliciously scented Store. I then started to walk to the ordering station, when I saw this beautiful girl. She had beautiful light brown hair with blond streaks. And had the most gorgeous hazel green eyes. And the cutest button nose. I then was interrupted by my stomach growling. I went to the counter and ordered me a latte and a Danish. I walked over to the beautiful girl table, and sat beside her. I saw her look up from her phone and look at me with the most beautiful smile I ever seen. "Hi I'm Amber." Amber said while extending her hand for me to shake. "Hi I'm Justin." I said while shaking her hand. I then took a sip of my latte. "You know you have the most beautiful eyes ever." I said while smiling. I saw her blush and look at the ground. I then brought her chin up with my index finger and thumb. "A beautiful girl like yourself shouldn't hide your beauty." I said before kissing her cheek. "Thank you and might I add that you have very beautiful chocolate brown eyes." Amber said before kissing my cheek. "Hey can I get your number, so we can get to know each other better?" I asked her shyly. "Of course you can." Amber said before placing her number in my phone. "I got to go but I'll see you around." I said before kissing her lips lightly and surprisingly she kissed back. I then pulled away and and waved goodbye. I then headed back to my white Ferrari. I can't believe I just did that. I know I have a girlfriend but I'm getting pretty bored with her, I mean she's wonderful and all but I just don't feel the same about her anymore. But when I saw Amber my heart skipped a beat and when we kissed I felt fireworks explode. 


I pulled up in my garage and headed inside my huge mansion. I looked at my phone and I seen I got a text from.....

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