How Could you?

Stacy Peterson is a normal down to earth girl who loves to sing and dance. She has a boyfriend, who is the brilliant Justin Bieber. They have been dating for 5 years straight. But what happens when Justin gets bored with Stacy.


4. I'm in love with you

  Stacy POV

 I was currently watching "Step Brothers" because I was in the mood for a comedy. But I'm not even paying attention to the movie because my mind keeps wondering to Justin. He hasn't called or even stopped by to day, which he usually does. I picked up my IPhone and decided to call Justin. It rang about two times until he finally picked up.

Phone Conversation

S- hey j, what you doing?

J- Um... Nothing 

S- oh, well I was wondering if I can come and see you today

J- Sorry Stacy but I'm working in the studio and Scooter doesn't want any distractions

S- Well will you be able to see me today?

J- Nope, I'm going to be in the studio all day.Sorry Stacy.

S- ok bye I love you

J- -sigh- I love you too

End of Phone Conversation

Well what should I do today since Justin isn't going to be here. I should definitely call my best friend Austin Mahone. Me and Austin have been friends for 5 years, I love him to death. I then dialed Austin's number.


  Justin's POV

 TBH I'm really not at the studio I'm really hanging out with Amber at her house which is pretty big. "Babe what you want to do today?" Amber asked in her angelic voice. "How about we just cuddle today." I suggested happily. "That's cool with me." Amber said while wrapping her arms around my waist while wrapped my arms around her body pulling her closer to me. " I love you." I said while smiling. "I love you too baby." Amber said before packing my lips. I honestly feel a connection between me and Amber that I haven't felt with Stacy for awhile. I honestly love Amber with all my heart and soul. She's so wonderful. I then felt my phone Buzz in my pocket. I took my phone out and saw that I had a call from.........?


- Sorry guy's it was so short but I had little bit of writer's block. So on have a question who do you think called Justin, leave me a comment down below telling me who you think it is. I love you guys so much bye. Oh yeah also comment if you like Amber and Justin together (Jamber) or do you like Justin and Stacy together (Jacy).-

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