Sick love ( Jason McCann Story )

Aria is a lonely lonely girl. She sits by herself in the back of the classroom. Shy and quiet.
Jason is the complete opposite. Loud. Obnoxious and popular. Smokes weed. Drinks has tattoos. What happens when the two cross paths? Will they fall in love ? Will she let her self be put in sick love?
Read to find out


2. I'm falling for a jerk

I sat in class taking the math notes when someone handed me a piece of paper. It said: Your worthless. You should just die already. Please leave the world you slut. Love the whole wide fucking world. It had many signatures. I didn't really care until I saw the one signature that made my heart drop. Jason McCann. He was so nice this morning. He's a fucking jerk. But I'm falling for him. Tears formed in my eyes and I raised my hand. 

Mr. Chance- What is it aria? 

A- May I be ex-excused? 

Mr.chance- Is everything ok, 

A- No. With that I ran out of the class room and sank to the floor. I heard someone call my name and it was Jason. 

J- Aria? Are you ok? 

A- Leave me alone you jerk. 

J- What did I do. I threw the paper at him and he picked it up and read it. His face fell. 

J- I didn't know what this was for. Someone just said sign it so I signed it. I didn't know people treated you like this. I'm so sorry. 

A- Yea because someone hands you a paper and you don't read it you just sign it? I believe that so much. You are a jerk. All you do is get high, fuck girls and you don't have a heart. I'm not gonna be part of that. Just go back to class and flirt with all those sluts. 

J- I'm not a jerk. I didn't know it said that. If I knew I wouldn't have signed it. You are beautiful and you aren't worthless. Im sorry.

A- I'm sure you are. I got up off the floor and walked back into the class room and sank down into my seat. 

Jason followed in a few minutes later with a sad look on his face. He looked at me but I looked away and let a tear escape my ear. He leaned over and wiped my cheek with his thumb. 

J- I'm so sorry, please don't cry. I sighed and stared out the window 

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