Sick love ( Jason McCann Story )

Aria is a lonely lonely girl. She sits by herself in the back of the classroom. Shy and quiet.
Jason is the complete opposite. Loud. Obnoxious and popular. Smokes weed. Drinks has tattoos. What happens when the two cross paths? Will they fall in love ? Will she let her self be put in sick love?
Read to find out


11. Explain

I looked at Jason. Studying his face. I finally spoke.

A- Jason. I understand that you love me and I really do love you. But I can't be with a criminal. I just can't.

J-Baby if I explain the whole story will you at least try? I sighed and nodded my head. He took a deep breath then began.

J- It all started with my ex. She was my world, my everything until she broke me. She cheated on me with my best friend Nolan. That's when I met Ethan, Sam, Michael, and Logan. I formed a gang called the killers. The first person I wanted gone was Nolan. After killing him I spiraled out of control. I cheated on every girlfriend I ever had in that time being. There's another gang trying to wipe us out..the snakes. They are my brother Derek's gang. I killed Derek because he used to hit my mother. The whole point is to get those people pain like they brought me and my gang. I never ever thought I could love another girl until I met you. I knew from the moment I met you that I would only get one chance. Aria. I love you. So fucking much you have no idea how much you mean to me. I'd never hurt you intentionally physically, or mentally because you mean the world to me, I rather have my own gang kill me than you walking out of my life again. I'd never cheat on you because I don't believe any other girl can satisfy me like you do, and I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about your personality. Those eyes, that smile is my inspiration to keep that smile on your face and to make sure that those beautiful brown eyes never get filled with tears. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you in the beginning it's just I was afraid you'd walk away and I don't think I'd ever find another girl like you ever in my life. Baby I love you so fucking much is take a bullet for you. Just please?

I took in everything he said. I pulled him in for a hug. At first he was shocked but he finally hugged back. I pulled away and sat on his lap and kissed him with my hands stroking his cheek gently.

A- You've been through so much. I'm so sorry. I'd never treat you like that bitch. I love you so much Jason I really fucking do. I kissed him again and he laid his hands on my waist.

I fucking love Jason McCann to death ❤️

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