Sick love ( Jason McCann Story )

Aria is a lonely lonely girl. She sits by herself in the back of the classroom. Shy and quiet.
Jason is the complete opposite. Loud. Obnoxious and popular. Smokes weed. Drinks has tattoos. What happens when the two cross paths? Will they fall in love ? Will she let her self be put in sick love?
Read to find out


9. 2 weeks later ) You never cared

It's been two whole weeks since Jason and I's date. He hasn't called, texted, our showed at my house. He flat out ignores me. And that night he asked me to be his girlfriend and me being stupid I said yes. Everytime I go out on the street everyone whispers " Jason McCann " in a scared tone. Everyone looks at me and says " I can't believe you're dating Jason McCann" like it's a crime or something. I turned on the tv and watched the news. I instantly dropped the remote when I found out who was on tv. 

Rp- Jason McCann In jail for robbery of west hill banks. Witnesses state that the criminal had a black Chanel mask on and a gun. His court date was yesterday and they sentence him 2 months in jail. Investigators don't know if he was the one who robbed or if he's part of a gang. Stay tuned for more of the story on Jason McCann, the worlds biggest bad boy. I was shocked. Jail ?!? I got in my car and drove to the jail. I pulled up and went in. I got a visitors pass and saw Jason come and sit down. 

J- Baby- 

A- No! Don't fucking call me that. You never cared about me did you?!

J- Of course I did I love- 

A- No you don't! You would've thought about me and said I'm going home. Did you or did you not rob the bank. 

J- Did not! It was someone that is apart of my gang. Just please don't leave me. 

A- I'm not going to be with a criminal j-Jason. Why? Don't you love me ? 

J- Of course I do. Baby please - 

A- *sniffles* I gotta go. 

J- Baby wait please don't go! Please I love you! Aria please ! I looked back saw tears running down his face. The guard took him and left. Why me ?! 

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