Bad boy

Justin is a bad boy in school. Every girl wants to be with him, except Kaliey. He gets so frustrated! What will he do?
#badboy #hot #getwithme?


3. first kiss

School was over and it felt amazing what I did to justin. I went home ate dinner and took a long nice warm bath, I put on my pjs and fell alarm clock rang at like 5:30am,I woke up at 5:45am.

I got up made my self some pancakes, brushed my teeth, took a shower, did my makeup, and hair, it was in a fish tail. And choosed my out fit of the day, which was a black leather jacket with a crop shirt that didn't have any sleeves,black leggings, and some black vans.

I walked to school untill I saw these group of guys smoking. I ignored them untill one of them grabbed my hand and pulled me tords him.i yanked and said."get of me!". Untill I saw his face and saw it was the guy I kicked on the balls *justin*

Justin:hey baby.

*smacks ass*

Kaliey:stop it!!

I tried pulling away but he held me tight.

Justin: miss me?

I finally got free and walk away as fast as I can.

****** in school*****

Ugh great Languge arts! *the class she has with justin* I walked in and he was already there waiting for me.

Justin:Hey baby!

Kaliey:I'm not your baby!

He grabbed me like last time.... Soo close. I couldn't stop but love the moment. We were looking at each other's lips. Slowly getting closer and closer. When our lips touched just a tiny bit.. The bell rang and I backed off. He keeped looking at me and I tried ignoring him but I couldn't!!

I looked at him and suddenly he kissed me.

It felt soo magical like there were fire works around us! I didn't want to stop but mrs.anny

Stoped us.

Mrs.Anny:do I have to separate u two!

Justin:NO!! Justin yelled, Before I can say anything

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