Bad boy

Justin is a bad boy in school. Every girl wants to be with him, except Kaliey. He gets so frustrated! What will he do?
#badboy #hot #getwithme?


4. best friend?

So it's been like the third day of school and I still had no friends! I did my morning routine and went to school. I went to my classes, trying to ignore him *justin* it was finally time for lunch.

JUSTIN: hey! Wait up.

KAILY: what!!!

JUSTIN:my names justin by the way ;)

He kissed my cheek and walked away.

I was walking to the cafeteria and I accidentally bumped in to this girl.

KAILY: I'm soo sorry!

GIRL:oh no it's ok!.......... My name is Hayley :) nice to meet you!

KAILY: my name is Kaily.

HAYLEY: you wanna sit with me?

KAILY: yes! Thank you!

Me and Hayley sat down and ate pizza. We talked for a veryyy long time. It feels like I known her forever! We have mostly every thing in common! Finally I find a friend!

*****end of school*****


I think I actually might like Kaily! I never felt this way with a girl before!! She is just soo beautiful and PERFECT!! No no no no what are you thinking justin!! Your JUSTIN BIEBER you can never fall for a girl. Can I?

HAY!! Yah I know I been writing really short chapters!! But it's something right?? lol i dont know please let me know if u like the story! And if you want anything to happen and I might just put in the story!! Thanks!!!!

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