God's Curse


2. Sylviya

"She was my wife..."

I didn't want to kill her so I must escape. I was feeling so bad about all of this because it was all my fault. If I drove more carrefuly, my wife wouldn't be a walkie talkie now. I was loving her too much. I will never forgive myself. I had to go. But first I had to know if my daughters still alive. I slowly came near to my old car and "Tommy? Are you there? This is daddy. Come out, carrefully ok?" My wife was still trying to bite me so I was chancing my place very often. Then I saw some movement comes from the car. Suddenly the car's door opened and something tried to come out. "Tommy?" Nothing answered. But I could still see the movement. Then a girl came out. "Unfourtunately, I'm not Tommy, I'm Sylviya, dad." She was my 15 years old daughter. She had yellow hair like me and the same green eyes taken from me. We had very similarities but she never love me. She always loves her mother and everytime she hates me. I didn't know why. I always trying to talk to her and protect her but she says that I am very boring and loyal. I think it is because of she is a teenager.

I didn't say anything. Just took her hand and started to run. I did not know where to go but the air was getting darker and these walkie talkie's were woke up at night. We ran and ran. Then we saw a luxury car. We got on the car and I started to drive to Atlanta...

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