God's Curse


5. Goodbye

"She was loving John!"

"Noooo!!!!" I opened my eyes and saw John. A walkie talkie was trying to bite him. I ran across him. I wanted to save him but if I save him, I will be bitten. I must choose what I will do. John was very young and he must live. Also he can protect my daughter because he can use the gun very well. The most important, Sylviya is really happy when she is with John. They are too young and must be happy in this short life. I pushed him and a walkie talkie's hand caught me from my shoulder. I felt a very big pain. My back hurt. It was burning like a fire. I took the gun from the table. And I put it on my head. "Dad what are you doin'!???" "I don't want to be one of them." "Why did you do that?!" "Why do you care? You always hate me!" "It is not true!" "Yes it is!" She started to cry. "I love you dad, I don't want you to die!" "But you love him too!" She didn't answered. I turned to John. "Take care of her!" I closed my eyes. "No!" Said Sylviya. Then I heard a noice, and everyhing got black...

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