Emily told him, he'll pay after finding out he used her so he could get what he wanted. She knew him since birth but he always remain the same, always was the same.Maybe when she said he'll pay, she meant it.


3. What really happened?

Rose the girl with red heels, walked down the stairs as the door opened. She stopped at the last step of the stairs, she played a smile.

"Nicholas" She said as she ran to the man with her hands wide. "I missed you" She says in his shoulder.

"I missed you too" He said and kissed her forehead. "Where's Jeremy?" He asked as he walked down the many halls.

"Don't know" She replied, maybe she did.

"Rose" He said raising a brow.

"I swear" She raised her hands in truth. "He's probably up in his room, plotting some sick joke." Nick nodded as he continued walking the halls leading to his study room. "How's the wife?" She asked.

"Dead for fifteen years, how's the boyfriend?" He asked knowing.

"Don't know, probably dead of old age" She shrugged it of. "You never really ever told me what really happen." She stated.

"An answer for another day" He replied not really being a reply. He pulled a slight smile as he slowly closed the door of his study room on Rose.

Rose being a bit curious left the house. Maybe to drain her misery down with Tequila.

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