Emily told him, he'll pay after finding out he used her so he could get what he wanted. She knew him since birth but he always remain the same, always was the same.Maybe when she said he'll pay, she meant it.


2. Rose


'KNOCK,KNOCK' Echoed through the mansion. A lady with four inch red heels stood out, impatiently. 

"For fuckstate Nick, open up!" She yelled, just then the door swing open.

"Rose!" The man to be Nick exclaimed with a sweet or devious smile. The lady smiled but dropped soonly.

"Move Jeremy" Rose pushing him as she walked in. "Where's your father at?" She turned her heels back to the Jeremy boy.

"Taking a epic with the Queen of England" Jeremy boy joked.

"Dick" Rose sneered, turned her heels and begin climbing the stairs.

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