Emily told him, he'll pay after finding out he used her so he could get what he wanted. She knew him since birth but he always remain the same, always was the same.Maybe when she said he'll pay, she meant it.


1. 1921

The lie gave rage and anger making her stronger but not stronger then him.Her limbs shaking, heart beats racing, she was furious and hurt.

"Emily don't hurt yourself" The predator mocked her actions, little did he know.

"You lied, used me and then turned me turn against my family for the love you didn't even feel for me." She whispered,her voice was so torn apart just like her heart.She begin crying out blood, slowly leaving a trail down her face.

"Em?Em what are you doing?" The man curious. She didn't bother to answer, continuing doing a spell. The man held a questioning look. The ceiling started crumbling.

"You'll pay Johan" she said and with that she fell, the spell to big for her. He didn't even bother to see if maybe she was still alive, he wet the whole house with gasoline and lit it as he was far gone to be not burnt along. He didn't look back, just an immortal with no soul.

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