The feelings.

its just about that one feeling you get when you in love and your sure its the right guy until you face reality. its a hope giving journal. hope you like it let me know what you think!


3. ahh chapter 3

be on top of your world you dont have to be ontop of somebody elses just because ther making fun or pressuring you to do so. life isnt always easy and thats one thing that is hard to learn as life goeas on but does it matter your going to learn it on way or another the easy way or hard your gunna learn it and thats whats important. this came to be from my thoughts of lovely to a bull crapp of mixed up things that i can only wright down because wrightning helps me open my self. its always there when i need to talk or type. when i need to let out my feelings notw 133 of you have seen this and no one has liked it. its totaly fine i dont need likers or followers or subscribers or anything all i need is a nice life and happines. thats all.

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