Can't Find Love

my neighbour has blue eyes and blonde hair, he's cute but he has a girlfriend. i'm antisocial and i get bullied. i've never been loved by my own family and they have high expectations but when i look at niall everything seems so perfect in my life but then again he has a girlfriend and no one likes an ugly girl like me.


9. Chapter 8 (Continuation of chapter 7)

Alex's P.O.V

My phone started to buzz which was sitting on the edge of the tub. I groaned and  just ignored it, I opened my eyes slowly  as the phone continued to buzz which annoyed me. I sat up and grabbed my phone,  I flipped it open and yes I do have a flip phone because my so-called dad doesn't think I deserve an update. 

When I opened my phone, I saw that an unknown number messaged me saying "hey beautiful :D". I was so confused, I don't know anyone with that number. I kept thinking of all the people I know and who would be this nice to call me beautiful.

I finally built the courage to text back. 

Me: uhmmm sorry but who is this?

Unknown Number: It's Niall haha sorry I didn't tell you before that my mom gave me your number but I never told you that.

I instantly smiled when I read his name.

Me: But... how does she have my number..?

Niall: Your mom gave it to her before leaving for the trip.

Me: ohh.. But how do I know that you are really Niall?

Niall: really? okay, we watched TFIOS together and I cried, and you are the first person to see me like that.

Me: OMG you really are Niall!!

I quickly saved his number as I waited for his reply.

Niall: The one and only :D, anyways, I miss you, can you come earlier than 7?

I looked at the time and chuckled because it was 6:30 PM.

Me: love, it's 6:30 already, I'll be there in 30 mins. I still have to get ready.

Niall: Alright, I'm waiting :D

Me: Byeeeeeee :D

Niall: Byeeeeeeeeeeee :D

I read his last message and chuckled and shook my head. I finally got out of the tub, grabbed the towel and dried my self then wrapped it around, covering my body. I brushed my teeth again, just to be sure. Then, I walked to my room and grabbed the dress that I picked out and wore it. To go with that dress, I wore black converse and a jean jacket. I walked back to the bathroom to do my make up. I chose to go with a natural look. I just applied foundation, a little bit of blush, mascara and for the lips I just applied 'Baby Lips' lip balm. I looked in the mirror one last time, I sighed satisfied with my appearance tonight.  

I grabbed my phone to check the time. I flipped it open and saw it's 6:58 PM. Fuck, I should get going.

I grabbed the house keys and my little purse, I put my phone and other accessories in there. I quickly got out of the house and locked it. I took deep and long breaths as I walked to his house, I didn't realize how nervous I was. I stood outside of his house for 2 mins until I finally decided to knock on the door.

I stepped back a little, waiting for someone to reply. Seconds later, I heard someone open the door, I quickly looked up to see who it was and luckily it was Niall himself. "Hey love" He smiled and opened his arms for a hug. I smiled and hugged him tightly "Hey, How are you?" I pulled away after few seconds. 

"better because now you're here" he said as he closed the door behind me. I looked at him and chuckled. He wrapped his left around my waist and guided to me what appeared to be a dining room. It looked fancy, I looked around then at my dress. "Should've chose another prettier dress" I whispered to my self but I think  Niall heard me. He leaned in and said "No, It's perfect.. just like you" he pulled out a chair for me, I smiled and sat down. He then sat across from me. I noticed that we were the only one at the table.

"Where is everybody?" I looked around then at him.

"Oh, my mum is taking a shower, she takes a long time for to get ready but we can start eating" he smiled as he served me the food.

"Didn't you have a brother?" I asked 

"Oh yeah, he's in college now and before you even ask, my dad is working late tonight" he answered

I chuckled at how he knew I would ask about his dad next.

"Oh, this looks really good, did you make it?" I smiled as I picked up my fork.

"I made mashed potatoes while mum cooked the chicken and rice" he smiled and started eating.

I nodded and I took a small bite of everything "mhmm it's really good" 

"Really? you like it?" he sounded almost worried.

"yep, it's the best thing I ever had" I smiled which made him smile as well.

"I thought you wouldn't like it but thanks" He said as he picked up his glass.

He ate fast, I was trying to catch up so he doesn't have to watch me eat. Few minutes later, I finished up too.

"Oh Niall, the food was amazing. Thank you so much" I rubbed my tummy and looked at him.

"Of course love" he smiled and got up. He than came to me and held  my hand and I got up as well.

"What now?" I asked a little confused.

"Want to go for a walk by the river" he looked down blushing.

"Well, Of course" I smiled and lifted his head up.

He smiled wide and grabbed his jacket, then,walked out the door with me following behind. 




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