Can't Find Love

my neighbour has blue eyes and blonde hair, he's cute but he has a girlfriend. i'm antisocial and i get bullied. i've never been loved by my own family and they have high expectations but when i look at niall everything seems so perfect in my life but then again he has a girlfriend and no one likes an ugly girl like me.


7. Chapter 6

Alex's P.O.V

After we ate our food, we went down to the basement to watch a movie. "So what movie do you wanna watch?" I asked him looking through the options. "You're the lady, you choose" he said and I giggled "ok fine TFIOS it is" I said smilin widely ."ugh anything but that" he groaned and I shrugged "you're the lady, you choose" I mimicked him from earlier which annoyed him a little.

I put the movie in and then sat next to Niall, 15 mins into the movie, I felt Niall's head on my shoulder and his arm around my waist. I blushed and didn't move because I loved the position. He started playing with my finger while watching the movie. I could see that his eyes were filled with tears "aww Niall" I wiped his tears and he looked up at me then leaned in slowly and I did the same until I lips met. Our lips moved in sync slowly, we both smiled in kiss. My hands found their way up to his hair and tightened his grip on my waist, I started playing with his hair which made him kiss more passionately.

After 2 mins, he pulled away slowly leaving me speechless. "That was the first time I felt love in a kiss" he whispered and I hugged him tight then whispered "I love you Horan". He hugged me tightly "I love you too Alex" he said.

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