Can't Find Love

my neighbour has blue eyes and blonde hair, he's cute but he has a girlfriend. i'm antisocial and i get bullied. i've never been loved by my own family and they have high expectations but when i look at niall everything seems so perfect in my life but then again he has a girlfriend and no one likes an ugly girl like me.


6. Chapter 5

Alex's P.O.V

I was already ready and was waiting for Niall to come over, he texted me saying that he will have breakfast at my house, so right now I'm cooking some pancakes, I wanted to fry some bacon but i couldn't because i finished it last night.

So, I was cooking when the door bell rang. I turned off the stove, running to the door knowing that it's Niall. I opened the door quickly to reveal his beautiful body, his back was turned to me so i cleared my throat to get his attention. He finally turned around and smiled really big then said "hey" as he wrapped his muscular arms around my little body, I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck, I heard him chuckle which caused me to chuckle. After 5 mins we pulled away, what can I say, we are just huggers. "hey" i finally said and he gave a low chuckle. "i made us some pancakes" i said as i ran to the kitchen, i heard him run after while saying "SWEET" really loudly which made me laugh. I served the both of us and gave him the plate, then i took out the whipped cream and sprayed it on our pancakes. I looked at Niall who was staring at the pancakes in awe. I laughed and started eating so did he, "so, how'd you sleep last night?" i asked as I took a bit. He looked up smiling , he reached across the table and put his on top which made me blush "I couldn't sleep"  "and why's that?" "Because I was thinking about you all night" he rubbed his thumb against my hand as  I looked down blushing.

" I wonder why you never really talked to me before the day you and your family came over" I said as I looked at my food then at Niall then again looked down. "Love, I always wanted to talk to you but Holly was always with me so I couldn't , I can't break up with her because she doesn't really let me talk and when we came over for dinner, I could talk to you since everyone was there and Holly couldn't say anything because she's always acting like the sweet girl in front of other people" he sighed , I got up , walked to him then bend down and hugged him tightly, after 2 secs he hugged me as tight as he could. "I thought you would just walk away" he said as he nuzzled his head in my neck, " I would never do that" i said looked down at him , smiled then pulled away. 

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