Can't Find Love

my neighbour has blue eyes and blonde hair, he's cute but he has a girlfriend. i'm antisocial and i get bullied. i've never been loved by my own family and they have high expectations but when i look at niall everything seems so perfect in my life but then again he has a girlfriend and no one likes an ugly girl like me.


5. Chapter 4

Alex's P.O.V

It's been a week since Niall hugged me. His touch electrifies my whole body. Anyways, Niall told me that he just gave flowers to Holly for their anniversary but she didn't appreciate but still they are still together. That bitch doesn't appreciate anything. If Niall gave me flowers , i would not throw them even after the flowers die. You must be wondering why Niall told me all this, well after that night, he added me on Facebook and we kept talking for hours and now he says that he can tell me anything without getting embarrassed because i don't judge. I'm glad he feels that way. I'm so surprised that we're this close now. I never thought a girl like me would ever talk to a boy like him.

You know what else is great? My "family" left for a month or two for vacation and they ofcourse didn't take me with them and i'm glad they didn't. That means I have this house to myself. They left yesterday morning for their trip. Since then , I've been still in my room because i just love it there because it's cozy and loving environment for me.

Right now I'm on my computer , scrolling through my facebook newsfeed, waiting for Niall to come online. I smiled as he messaged me saying " hey :D". I giggled and replied saying "hi".

Niall: How was your day love?

Me: good i guess , i had a lazy day, what about you?

Niall: I had to take Holly for shopping, she wouldn't stop annoying me

Me: aww but you made it through, I'm so proud of you haha

Niall: haha aww thanks, I wanna meet you, I wanna see your beautiful face

omg he's making me blush.

Me: oh Niall , you are making me blush, i know you don't mean it, no one has ever called me that and yes i wanna meet you too

Niall: you're beautiful to me and aww your blushing that's cute. Can i come over at yours right now?

Me: Thank you Niall and not right now because i'm seriously so tired of doing nothing today and i'm really sleepy so yeah, maybe tomorrow?

Niall: aww babe you should sleep and yes we can hangout tomorrow, just you and me, i'll text you when i'm free. Goodnight babe, sweetdreams xx

Me:sounds good and goodnight potato  sweetdreams xx

with that our conversation ended. i kept blushing when Niall called me babe ahh , I love the sound of that. 

After talking to Niall, i pushed my laptop away and laid down cuddling to my pillow then fell asleep.

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