Half A Heart 2

sequel to "I'm Half A Heart Without You"


8. Chapter 6

I ran down the street, tears streaming down my cheeks. I froze and looked around. I knew where I was. I sighed and walked down the street slowly. I reached a fork in the pavement and turned to my right.

My parent's house.

I hadn't spoken to them since I left with Liam.

I took and deep breath and walked up the pathway. I ran the doorbell and placed my hands in my jeans' pockets. My mum opened the door and glared at me.

"Back are you? Let me guess, pretty boy dumped you?" She laughed cruelly.

"I'm sorry mum." I said sadly.

"Too late for that. You deserted us for him." She slammed the door in my face.

I sat on the steps and cried until my eyes couldn't produce anymore tears. I stood up quickly and walked back down the path. I looked up and down the street and gasped. I saw Liam and Harry walking down the street towards me. I quickly ran the other way, not looking back.


I can't find her. I need to find her.

I walked down the street, tears in my eyes.

"Li?" Harry asked me gently. "You okay mate?"

I stared straight ahead. "I'm fine."

I reached the fork in the pavement that Ruby had told me about. I looked up at her parents' house.

"She might be there." I whispered to myself.

I knocked on the door and looked back at Harry. Ruby's dad opened the door and raised his eyebrows at me. "Is Ruby here?" I asked him.

"No. Of course that bitch isn't here." He smirked.

I gasped. "How can you say that about... about your daughter?!"

"Pffft that bitch will never be my daughter. She left me and her mother for you." He shoved me.

"Look, mate..." I began.

"Shut up asshole!" He yelled, kicking me in the balls.

I screamed in pain. "Calm down dude." Harry walked up to him and helped me up.

"Piss off." He punched both me and Harry in the face and slammed the door.

"Oh my god! Liam! Harry!" I looked up to see Ruby standing there, looking shocked.

I closed my eyes as I heard Ruby screaming.


"Oh my god! Harry! We have to get him to a hospital!" I stared at Liam in shock.

I looked over at Harry and gasped. Blood was flowing out of his nose and I ran over to help. "Are you okay?" I asked him gently.

He wiped his nose. "I'll be fine. Let's help Liam."

I pulled out my phone and called 911. "Please, help! My... my fiancé has been hit... Please hurry!" I screamed.

I watched as Harry picked up Liam in his arms. He groaned and his head lolled back. I shrieked as the ambulance pulled up. They quickly took him off Harry and placed him into the ambulance. I tried to climb into the ambulance, but they blocked my way.

"Let me through! Let me through! That's my fiancé! LET ME THROUGH!!" I yelled.

Harry pulled me back and embraced me. I sobbed on his shoulder as the ambulance drove off.

"No... they can't do that. I have to see him!" I screamed.

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