Half A Heart 2

sequel to "I'm Half A Heart Without You"


4. Chapter 3


I was making some lunch when I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door, brushing my hair out of my eyes.

I blinked at what I saw. Ruby and Ali were standing at my door, soaking wet.

"Ruby? What? Where's Liam?" I asked, puzzled.

"Liam... Liam..." She began. She burst into tears and looked at her feet.

"Come in." I said kindly, standing back to let her in.

She walked in and sat on the couch. Wiping away her tears, she told me her story.

"Well... Liam proposed to me, then... then he... he gave another girl a ring... she sent him a text..." She sobbed.

I was shocked. "Oh wow. I'm sorry Ruby." I embraced her in a hug.

"And now... I have nowhere to go... and..." She broke off mid-sentence, crying.

"Hey, it's okay, you can stay here." I told her, smiling.

She looked at me. "Really?" She hiccuped and I nodded. "Thankyou." She whispered giving me a hug.

I led her upstairs to my spare room. "Here you go. You can stay here." I told her, smiling. "Did you bring anything?"

She shook her head. "Only Ali."

"Oh okay. I could see if Gemma could drop off some clothes..." I trailed off.

Ruby smiled sweetly. "Thanks." She kissed me on the cheek.

She set Ali down on the bed gently. "I could buy you a cot from the store. I'm going shopping later." I told her.

She looked so grateful. "Thankyou so much Haz."

I remember the time back when I had feelings for Ruby. Back when I kissed her...

I sighed, shook my head and left the room. I couldn't think like that anymore. She was my best mate's fiancé. Well... I don't really know...



Harry is so kind. Over the past two weeks, he's bought so many things for me and Ali. He got us new clothes, a cot for Ali, and he even bought me some new things for my room. He's so sweet.

I can't help remembering those times when Harry liked me. Those times when he kissed me and I felt like he screwed up my relationship with Liam.

Liam... I sighed. I hadn't talked to him since... since I walked out. He's tried calling and texting me but I just ignore them. It's hard... but... I have to control myself.

But it's different with Harry... I can't believe how close we've gotten. Everyday... we just get closer... I think... I think I might... I might like him...


"Come on Ruby. Please pick up." Tears falling from my eyes, I left another message on her voicemail.

"Ruby. Please. Please let me talk to you. I miss you... and... I love you. Please let me explain."

I wiped my eyes as I hung up the phone. I wish I could talk to her. I heard a knock at the door, so I got up off the bed and opened the door. I stared blankly at Niall, Zayn and Louis.

"Hey mate. How are you?" Lou asked.

"I'm fine." I mumbled.

"Cut the crap mate. We haven't heard from you in two weeks." Zayn folded his arms.

"Whatever." I closed the door on them.


"Mate? You okay?" I heard Harry's voice outside my apartment.

I didn't answer. "I know you're in there." He knocked on the door.

"How did you get my address?" I asked, opening the door. My eyes widened. "Ruby?" I cried.

"Hi Li." She said, looking at me.

"Hi." I smiled at her.

"Look, Liam, it's not working. I... I'm sorry." She thrust her ring into my hands.

Tears filled my eyes. "Ruby, let me explain. That girl... Hailey... she... she's my ex. I... I was forced to give her a ring... she has a lot on me." I explained.

Ruby looked shocked.


"Really?" I asked, shocked. Liam nodded.

"I... I just don't know." I turned to Harry. He shrugged. "Wow, you're helpful." I snapped. "I think... I can't trust you Liam. I'm sorry. And Harry... I... think I have feelings for you."

Both Harry and Liam looked absolutely shocked.

"I'm sorry." I cried. I ran down the stairs, wiping my eyes.

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