Half A Heart 2

sequel to "I'm Half A Heart Without You"


2. Chapter 1

"Liam... I'm scared." I whimpered, looking over at him. He was the only one in the hospital room who wasn't covered in blood. My blood.

"One more push Miss Anderson!" The doctor informed me.

I screamed in pain and clutched the rails of the bed. I lay there sobbing as I tried to catch a glimpse of my new baby.

"It's a girl." The doctor smiled at me. Liam stood up to take a look. He gasped as he saw her.

"She's beautiful." He took her in his hands gently and brought her over to show me.

I smiled warmly, wiping away my tears. Liam gently placed her in my arms and I stroked her head. "She looks like you." Liam told me, smiling humorously.

I giggled. "But she has your eyes." I looked up at him.

"What would you like to call her?" The doctor asked, stepping out from the shadows. I had forgotten he was even there.

I looked down at my beautiful baby, then up at Liam again. "How about... Alison." He smiled at me and I immediately nodded.

"Perfect." I whispered.


"Okay lads, here she is!" Liam opened the door to reveal Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn. Louis had his arm wrapped around his new girlfriend Eleanor, whom I had become quite close friends with. She squealed and ran over to me.

"Awww! She's so tiny and cute!" She cooed, making me laugh.

Louis followed her over, laughing too. "Come on babe, let the rest of us see it." He smiled, kissing her on the cheek.

I heard another knock at the door. "Li, can you see who it is?" I asked him.

"I'll get it." Niall smiled. "I think it might be my sister. She hinted at breakfast that she wanted to come today."

I squealed as Niall opened the door. My heart fell when I realised it wasn't Sienna. It was the building manager. He looked serious and my eyes widened.

"Can I help you?" Liam asked politely.

"Well, yes." The building manager stepped inside our apartment. "I wanted to say congratulations on the newborn, and I'm also here to deliver some not-so-good news."

Silence filled the apartment until the manager cleared his throat. "Well... I'm sad to say that I have to... umm... kick you out of your apartment. You are behind on your rent..."

Tears filled my eyes as I looked around my apartment. It was my first home and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving.

Liam obviously was upset to, because he came over and put his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry to bring you such unfortunate news. You must leave in two days." The building manager smiled thinly. "And once again, congratulations."

He left us all in shock. Tears ran down my cheeks freely as I clutched Alison. Everyone crowded around me, trying to comfort me, but it wasn't working.

"Liam... where will we go?" I asked him quietly. "We can't go to my parents..."

I chose to live with Liam instead of my parents, so ever since, I've lost contact with them.

Liam sighed. "I'll buy you a house." I shook my head firmly.

"I can't take money from you." I told him.

"But you have to." He smiled weakly. "It's the only option."

I sighed. "Okay."

Someone knocked on the door, but I just looked away. I didn't care this time. Zayn opened the door, where Sienna stood.

"Rubes!" She squealed, running over. She looked around at everyone else. "What's wrong?" She asked.

Liam sighed. "We've been kicked out of our apartment. We have two days."

Sienna looked shocked. "I'm so sorry Rubes." She breathed, crouching down to my level and putting her hand on mine. I shook my head and tried to muster a smile.

"It's okay." I whispered to no one in particular.

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