Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



Victoria sat in her room after Dean left, she had no idea where her dad and Lucy were but she didn't mind, she wanted to be alone. The bed room door burst open, "Get her!" Said a tall man in a suit that looked like the American flag, a man in a red and gold suit grabbed Victoria, she screamed loudly, "LET ME GO!!!" She tried kicking them but it was no use. Victoria screamed more, "Victoria stop screaming you'll just make it worse for yourself" a woman with red hair dressed in black said. Victoria's eyes filled with tears, "Let me go!!" She chocked, "Take her back to fury now Tony" the man in the flag said, "No!! Let me go!!! LET ME GO!!" Victoria struggled, "Go!" He said again and Tony did as he was asked.

Tony landed on the roof of a tall building, a dark man with an eye patch, dressed in black waits for them. "Tony" he says in a feel voice, Victoria was crying, Tony removed his mask, "Fury" he says, Victoria struggles, "This is her?" Fury says, "Yep" Tony says, "Victoria, please calm down, we aren't going to hurt you, we just want to protect you" Fury says, Victoria struggles, "I was safe!!!" She shouts, "No you weren't do you know who that man was?" Fury says, "Of course I know who he is! Loki's my father!! I'm not fucking stupid!! I know what he did! But he's changed he's completely different now! If anyone's the bad guy here it's YOU!!" Victoria spat in his face, "Take her inside Tony" Fury said whipping the spit off his face.

Tony took Victoria to a cell, it has one window, and it was painted grey. He pushed her in, she sat in the corner crying, he looked at her as he closed the door. About an hour later Fury is standing at the window, he doesn't say anything he just watches her, Natasha (The Black Widow) walks up to him, she watches him then turns to face Victoria who is still in her corner crying, head between her legs. They watched for a while more, then left. The window began to frost up in the cell, soon it was covered in thick snow the whole cell. When Natasha walked past again, she stopped and looked at the window, carefully she put her hand against it, she flinched it was ice cold, she put her finger to her ear so she could activate her Bluetooth, "Fury" she said, "She's frozen the room up! I mean it, the window is covered in ice" she says, nearly as soon as she had said it Fury was there, he opened the door, and the walked in to see Victoria, she stood up, lips blue and skin pale, she was still crying, "How did you do this!?!" Fury said walking towards her carefully, "STAY AWAY!!" She screamed moving to the other corner of the room, Fury and Natasha looked at each other, slowly they backed out if the room and Victoria fell to the ground, they closed the door, "She will kill herself if she stays there" Natasha says unable to stand still, "I know" Fury says walking away, "Where are you going?!" She calls after him, "To find away to get her out" he says disappearing down the corridor.

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