Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



"Daddy!" Victoria calls from her cosy spot on the lounge, "Yes?" Loki calls back, "I'm board" she said as if this was something he should already know (and he did) "Yeah, yeah I'm working on it!!" He said with a hint of laughter at the end. Someone knocked on the door, Victoria looked at it, then the person knocked again, Victoria stood up and walked towards the door, Loki was saying something but Victoria wasn't listening, she opened the door to see a police officer, "Daaaaaaddy" Victoria said, Loki walked out of his room down the hall way and towards the door, "Officer" Loki says after a long purse, "Mr. ... Odinson?" The officer said looking at a clipboard, "Yea" Loki says walking towards Victoria, "May I?" The officer asked gesturing inside, Loki gestured for him to enter. Loki closed the door and faced the officer Victoria stood behind him, "why are you here?" Loki asked fearing he knew the answer, "A...man came to us a couple of days ago, claiming he believed you to be an unfit father..." The officer said, "Ah. Was this man, tall, buff, long blond hair, spoke like he was in a play by Shakespeare?" Loki says rubbing his nose, "Yes, do you know him?" The officer asked, "His my brother" Loki nodded, "And he can't claim anything, 1) he's never had a child, 2) he is an idiot 3) he didn't even know about her till she was 3 and when he found out he tried to kill her, I do my best sir, I'm in the army, because I want a better world for my daughter, I am away most of the time yes, but she is always in good hands, there is nothing I wouldn't do for Victoria, I'm not an unfit father!" Loki says as one of his arms warps around Victoria and she holds it tight, "May I speak with Victoria please? I believe you, I do. But I just need to hear it from her" the officer says, Loki steps aside and walks back to his room, Victoria stared at the officer, "Victoria" he smiled, "Look sweetie you tell me the truth and if I like what I hear you can stay, deal?" He says Victoria nods, "okay, 1st up, is your dad good to you? Does he feed you everyday? Help you with your homework? Take you to the doctors if you're sick? Stuff like that" he said as he adjusted his stance, Victoria nodded, "Daddy's very good, he does all the things other kids at schools daddy's do and what their mummy's do to, he tells me funny stories and makes sure the scary monsters stay away, he painted my room for me and thought me how to read and write" (the reading parts a bit of a lie, Victoria just started reading one day- but Loki did help her understand the words so-) Victoria smiled at the officer, "Why does he have to do mummy things as well?" The officer asked, "Because my mummy died after I was born. Daddy gets sad sometimes but he always says 'If mummy had of stayed alive he wouldn't have you, and I love you very much'" Victoria smiled, "can I go now?" She asked, the officer nodded, "Daddy your friend is leaving" Victoria said as she walked towards her room. Loki walked down the hall way in a hurry, "Thank you for your time, I see that you aren't an unfit father, I'm sorry for wasting your time." The officer smiled opening the door , Loki nodded "Not at all" and with that he was gone.

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