Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



After dinner that Jay actually cooked but let Victoria take credit for, Loki sat down with Victoria and Monica, (Jay left). "Honey why don't you like Monica?" He asks Monica sits close trying to be adorable and perfect, Victoria glares at her, "Victoria?" Loki says, "I don't not like her" Victoria begins, "I hate her" she continues, "She's trying to replace mummy and me!! And it's working! You have forgotten about mummy and Benny! Before her you used to be happy, we would build snow men and go back to Benny's grave and lay flowers down for him, now all you do is go away and her!!" Victoria snarls, "Victoria how dear you speak to your father like that!" Monica began, "SEE! She's doing it again! You asked me why I hate her!! This is why!! She isn't my mum! She can't tell me what to do!! She is taking over mummy's job just because mummy never got the chance to be a mummy doesn't me you can replace her!!" Victoria cries running off to her room, "Victoria!!" Loki says getting up, "Loki she'll get over it.. Don't worry she just needs to get used to it" Monica says, Loki looks at her eyebrows raised and he shakes his head,no, he doesn't say anything though and just walks down the hall to her room, "Baby?" He asks, the door is locked, and ice cold in the handle, "Victoria?!!!" He says hitting the door, "Baby! Let daddy in!!" He says leaning against the door, "Did she lock the door again?" Monica says, "No- well yes- she's frozen herself in there!!" Loki says kicking the door, "Frozen?! How did a six year old freeze herself in her room?!" Monica begins, Loki sighs, "You haven't been listening to her have you?" Loki says turning to face Monica, "she doesn't talk to me" Monica says, "Victoria is different, she has powers that she can't control when she's scared, angry, upset ECT. I told you to ask her about school everyday because she gets bullied because of these powers!!" Loki says, "You never said that" she says, "I did Monica! I told you before I left, 'Please make sure you ask her about her day everyday! She is having trouble at school and I'm worried about her'!" Loki says folding his arms, "I didn't think you were serious!" Monica says, "Not serious?! She's my daughter!! No! I'm sorry! I'm going to have to ask you to leave! You can get your stuff tomorrow!" Loki says pushing her towards the door, "But Loki!? I love YOU!!" She says, "So? It's either both Victoria and I or neither of us" Loki says closing the door.

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