Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



"Loki, she was so brave, she has powers, how? I thought you said you found her?" Peter says down stairs in the ball room, "I know! I did find her! I don't know how she has powers!" Loki says kicking the ground, "I wanted her to be normal, healthy, I wanted to know that if she is taken away, taken back to that world she would be accepted, she wouldn't be different, I don't want her to have the life I had! She doesn't deserve that!!" He punches the wall, "Loki!" Peter barks, "She will be accepted, she is a beautiful smart little girl, and nothing will happen to you" Peter walks over to Loki and puts his hand on his shoulder, "LOKI!!!" A roaring voice echo through the palace, "Thor! Quick! Hide! Get Victoria and go to the mountains I'll find you after!! Go!!" Loki shouts pushing Peter.

"What do you want Thor" Loki says walking out of the ball room calmly, "That girl, why does she call you 'Daddy'?" Thor says walking closer, "Because I'm her father?" Loki says raising his eyebrow, "You? A father? To a human?" Thor says, Loki walks hands behind his back, "I don't think you understand how babies are made brother" Loki teases, "LOKI!!" Thor booms, "Why! Do you have a child! Why did you keep it? Why did you leave it on Midgard!!" Thor asked, Loki hangs his head then stands up straight, "Because she was abandoned Thor!! SHE WAS LEFT IN A GARBAGE BIN!! HER PARENTS DIDNT WANT HER!! I don't expect YOU to understand! mother and father adored you! You don't know what it's like to be abandoned!" Loki shouts his voice echoing through the halls, Thor stays quit, "She is my daughter, I took her in and cared for her I love her, I've protected her, and if you are here to take her away, you are mistaken dear brother! Because that little girl means the world to me and I will not let you take her away!" Loki says angry but trying to keep a cool head, Thor is taken back for a moment, "Mother and Father loved us both!!" Thor begins, "Oh don't you see?! It's not about them!! It's about Victoria!! She is just like me!! Abandoned!! Left alone to die!! You were wanted Thor!!" Loki barks getting angry at Thor's stupidity, "Mother and Father loved you too Loki!! They loved us both!!" Thor shouts, pretending it was true, "They thought me a Monster!! I will not let you take her to that place!!" Loki spits, Thor stands still in silence, "She helped to men escape Asgard" Thor began, "No she didn't she's been with me all day" Loki says with his hands behind his back he twists his fingers to duplicate Victoria asleep in the library, "Where is she then?" Thor says acting as if he had out smarted Loki, "Library possible still asleep" Loki says, walking up the stairs, Thor follows. Loki opens the doors to the library, "See. Fast asleep" Loki smiles as he would if it was really her asleep there, Thor turns on his heels and walks down the stairs, "Father will hear about her" Thor says as he reaches the bottom of the steps, "That's lovely, oh tell him today's his granddaughter's birthday so he might what to get her a little something, she's five" Loki says grinning as Thor slammed the door shut.

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