Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



When they get back to Jötunheimr, Loli ran our of the huge double doors, "VICTORIA!!! What are you doing!?!?" He shouted running towards her, when he got there he knelt and grabbed her arms, "she just walked through Asgard down to the prison used MAGIC and got us out with out anyone noticing" Peter says, she smiles happily, "How did you get into the vaults Victoria?!" Loki says, "I just opened it" she said shyly but a bit proud, "I'm sorry daddy!! I just missed uncle Peter so much" she sad as Loki stands up and runs his hands through his hair, he grabbed her and pulled her into him, "Who saw you?" Loki asked, "The gatekeeper and blonde" she said, "Thor?" Asked Loki, she nods "Okay, inside everyone" Loki says pushing Victoria towards the doors.

"WOOOW" says the young man that had helped Victoria as he walked into the palace, "What's your name?" She says looking at him, "Mason" he smiled at her, "Mason, do you like books?"She asked because she knew her dad and uncle would be off talking about something, "Yes" says Mason, Victoria grabs his hand and walks him to the library, "My daddy and I always read together, but he and uncle Peter will probably be busy, talking about scary man" she says pushing the door open with her whole body, Mason helps pushing his hand against the door, "This is so cool" Mason smiles walking in, Victoria walked to the window seal where a baby blue book sat, she moved it so she could sit down, "What's that book?" Mason asked sitting down beside her, "The Snow Queen" she says smiling at the book and opening it, "Daddy said it's about my mummy, the humans knew about her because she used to live there, they wrote a story about her before she meet daddy" she says turning through the pages, "She died though" Victoria says looking at the ink etchings that illustrated her 'Mothers' life. Mason looked at Victoria listening to her every word "can you read me the story?" Mason asked, Victoria smiled sweetly, she leaned against him, and began reading.

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