Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



On the other side of the portal Victoria is greatest by a huge man, with dark skin, he's wearing golden armer, "Who are you little girl?" He asked her, "Victoria" she smiled sweetly, "Why are you here?" He asked, "Because I opened the portal" she walks straight past him on to the rainbow bridge, the gatekeeper contacts Thor straight away, Victoria walks calmly across the bridge, Thor walks up in front of her, "What are you doing here? Where is Loki?" Thor says trying to stay calm, "He's asleep" she smiled, Thor raises his eyebrow, "Asleep? Where?" He said, Victoria looked at him as if he was stupid, "At home?" She said walking past him, Thor looks at the gatekeeper then turns around to look at her as she walks down the rainbow bridge, "how did you get here?" Thor calls after her, "Ask him!!" Victoria shouts over the questions pointing to the gatekeeper. Thor walked to the gatekeeper and they start talking.

Once Victoria got off the rainbow bridge, she was in Asgard, guards look at her oddly and so do some of the people she didn't say anything to anyone, but watched to see where a huge group of guards where coming from, she walked down the steps where they and come from, she looked up and saw a huge room, with lots of rooms all of them had golden clear doors, "Uncle Peter?" She whispered, a few of the prisoners made noises to try and scar her, "He's in there" on of them said, a young man with dark curly hair, she smiled sweetly, "ThankYou" she ran to the room that the man had pointed to, Peter sat up, "Victoria?!" He said, "Say back a little please" she said creating a large snow ball with her hands, she throw it at the door and in broke into thousands of tiny pieces. "VICTORIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Peter says picking her up and hugging her tightly, "I missed you and daddy missed you more" she said, "Do you want me to let him out too?" She asked pointing to the man who had pointed out his ceil, "If you can" Peter smiled, Victoria created another snowball and throw it at the door, creatures that where in the other veils roared and made lots of noise as the two man ran out of the prison with Victoria.

"QUICKLY!!!" She shouted as she throws the portal key to the young man, he unlocks it and she grabs his hand, "All together!!" She shouts and they all start saying, 'Jötunheimr' together walking through the portal.

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