Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



"Like this Victoria!!" Loki smiles in the big ball room, turning his hands over each other, Victoria does the same, she creates a small snow ball that grows "I DID IT" she giggles. Loki had been teaching her how to use magic but he was shocked because he didn't have to uses his magic to help her, she had magic herself, he couldn't understand it, he thought he was the only one like that. "I'm just like you daddy!!" She said when she first made a snowflake, it was perfect, a perfect snowflake. Loki couldn't explain it but he didn't care, he knew that this was the grated thing in the world, now she knows how to use her powers, she will be able to protect herself from Thor and the avengers. And that was his main goal, if he was to leave her alone again he wanted her to be safe. That's all he ever wanted.

"When's uncle Peter coming back?" She asked a couple of days later, "Well that man that came here has him in prison, so not for a while" Loki said, "But don't worry baby girl! Today is about you!" He said being out a cake she smiled sweetly, they sat and ate cake and did magic all afternoon. As the large moon rose over the mountains, Loki carried Victoria to bed, he feel asleep as soon as he lied down, but Victoria stayed awake. She waited an hour or two, till Loki was snoring, and then crawled out of bed, walked down the halls to the vaults, and opened them, she grabbed the portal key, and walked out to the front of the palace, she opened the portal and whispered over and over, "Asgard" as she walked through the portal.

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