Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



A couple of days later Loki decided he was going to attack the avengers. Being the king of the frost giants he arranged to have every single frost giant stand guard at the palace, he also had Benny make sure Victoria didn't go anywhere near the door.

"okay baby girl, you have to listen to everything Benny says! If you don't he will tell me and you will be in lots of trouble okay?!" Loki says to Victoria, she stands there in her thick pyjamas, "Why are you going daddy?" She says nearly in tears as he puts on his black and green coat, "Oh baby girl don't cry, I won't be gone for long I promise, you'll be okay as long as you listen to Benny okay" Loki says kissing her, "Now come on back to bed" he says picking her up and putting her in his bed, "You can sleep here every night okay?" He smiled at her and kisses her head, "Good night baby girl" he says as he leaves the room. "Don't go yet" Victoria says grabbing his arm, "Stay till I fall asleep please" she say looking up at him, Loki smiles sweetly and argues to stay.

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