Loki's little girl

Loki had come to Midgard, to spy on S.H.E.L.D. And the Avengers. But what happens if he finds something he wasn't quite expecting...



Loki walks discretely though New Yorks streets, he wears a black hoodie and black jeans. Nobody pays attention to him, which is good. He leans against the wall of a huge white building, a skinny tall man, walks past, he stops and looks at Loki, his dark eyes just visible behind his long hair, "Peter" Loki says standing up straight to shake the mans hand, "Loki" the man says in almost a whisper, "Have you heard anything?" Loki asked leaning back against the wall, "No nothing new" Peter says standing in front of Loki hands in his pockets. Loki bit his lip looking at the ground, he ran his hand through his long dark hair, "Okay, there will be news soon won't there?" Loki asked looking nervous, "Of course there will be" Peter says. After a whole Loki leaves. He keeps walking down the busy streets of New York, people pushed past him, texting away on their phones. Loki roles his eyes, "Pathetic humans" Loki says under his breath. He walks down a narrow street that nobody else walks down. He walks past a large garbage can and hears a faint crying. Loki stops dead in his tracks, the crying continues, Loki looks around but doesn't move, then he slowly backs up and turns to face the can, he removes the lid, and there on a pillow of rotten food and rubbish, a small baby girl, dressed in a dirty baby pink shirt, and a nappy. Her eyes are red from crying, Loki tears up, she looks up at him, Loki gently picks her up, breathing heavily, he rubbed his eyes, and then whipped hers gently, "Sssh" Loki says gently rocking her, he looks around again. There's none here. Loki looks back down at the tiny baby, her eyes are crystal blue, her face is pale and her lips blue. Loki takes off his hoodie and wraps her in it. Loki grabs out his phone Peter had given him, "Peter" he says when the phone answers, "What's wrong?" Peter says, "I ah- I found a- umm- I'm going back to Jötunheimr." Loki says looking back at the baby, "What? Why?" Peter says but Loki hangs up. "Come on sweety let's get you back home" Loki says to her, opening the portal back to Jötunheimr.

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