The Girl With Blue Hair.

Maxine and her two sisters moved to a new neighborhood, they're more rough-n-tough, but Maxine starts to get feelings for a guy. Who's a total nerd, and usually sticks around his friends.
But, when Maxine needs tutoring, he steps forward automatically. Does he like her back?
(Uh, I think it's best to add that this is inspired by an old TV show I loved called Edd, Ed, and Eddy)


4. Chapter Three.

"We're going to have everyone here," Trey tells me.

I look around the abandoned playground and nod. There's a little sand box and a couple swing sets. But there's no one out here, once again I think of a ghost town.

"Where is everyone?" I ask.

"Um, probably at home. Not a lot goes on around here." He tells me, he shrugs his shoulders and looks for somewhere to set up the projector.

"When is the movie gonna start?" I ask.

"Once it is dark outside." He smiles and climbs onto a little play set. He puts the projector and it's level, he aims it between two trees. "We have a blanket we're going to put up."

"Alright." I say with a nod. I climb up next to Trey and swing my legs back and forth. "Do you know what movie?"

"No, Skylar likes Johnny Depp movies though."

"Ooh! I love Johnny Depp!" I say excitedly.

He smiles at me, "Yeah?"

"Yeah," I say with a little laugh. I look out to the forest. "What else is here?"

"Um, there are a few shops just across the road from the cul-de-sack, nothing big. A few clothes shops, a candy place, and uh, I think there is a music store."

I smiled. Maybe I would like it here...

"Trey! Dude we've been looking for you for FOREVER!"

I look over my shoulder and see Skylar and Duncan walking over, Duncan's carrying a white blanket and some string. I chew on the inside of my lip and watch as Trey hops down, he smiles up at me and offers me a hand. I smile and take it, then jump down.

"Max, right?" Duncan asks me smiling.

"Yep." I beam.

"Are you helping us or something?" Skylar asks. The tone in his voice is rude and impatient, Trey's words from earlier ring in my mind and I put on a fake smile. This was probably him being nice.

"Yeah, I'm the one with the projector." I say. There's a little attitude in my voice and Skylar smirks at me.

I watch as the three guys tie up the blanket, it's perfectly center like Skylar had said. They have me help them get Christmas tree lights from Skylar's house, the guys' carry fold up chairs from Duncan's house, and a rug from Trey's house. We set up the little area just so there's enouh room for ten people.

"Your sisters' aren't coming, right?" Skylar asks me.

I shrug. "I dunno."

He nods. "Duncan! Go get two more chairs."

Duncan gives him a thumbs up then starts walking back to his house. The three boys live relatively close to one another. Duncan told me he has a younger sister, her name's Kylie I think.

"What movie are you gonna play?" I ask Skylar, since he seems like the leader of this operation.

"I was thinking Sweeny Todd, the one with Johnny Depp in it." He says.

"Ooh! I love that one!" I squeal happily. He smirks at me, then goes back to setting up the extra chairs. Duncan comes back a few moments later and sets them up.

"Trey, do you still have your popcorn maker?" Skylar shouts.

Trey and I are sitting over by the projector. They have a huge cable to extend the outlet power thing. Trey look up at him, his nose scrunches up as he thinks and then nods.

"Sweet, we can charge for popcorn too." Skylar says. He claps his hands together and smiles.

"How much are you charging for tickets?" I ask.

"Fifty cents. A dollar for popcorn." He smiles.

"What? No drinks?"

"Oh, yeah, a dollar for soda and fifty cents for water." His eyes light up when he talks. "Thanks for the idea."

"I'm sure everybody's gonna love me for that." I mumble.

Trey shakes his head and chuckles; I find myself smiling.

"Max, can you put up the lights?" Skylar asks me.

I look over at him and nod, I hop down from the play set and start stringing lights. I stand on a chair so I can weave the tangled plastic string through a few tree branches, I sway a little and then feel a hand on the small of my back. I look down and see Trey smiling up at me.

"Be careful, okay?" He tells me.

"Okay." I say smiling.

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