You lost me

Me and him got along so we'll until daddy died after that LIAM WENT CRAZY mommy started drinking and I was all alone then one day me and Liam were in the kitchen and he took a knife to my neck and sliced it they rushed me to the hospitle and they took me away I got ADOPTED bye a bastard named ASHTON FROM 5 SOS


5. it happend

Val's pov

I was crying and Liam wanted me to shut up he kept on telling me I was gonna die just like daddy and that he was gonna kill me and he was gonna enjoy it more than daddy enjoyed leaving me. And I started to cry Evan harder Liam grabbed my hand and took me in the kitchen he grabbed a knife and he lifted up my head then he sliced my neck open I was screaming MOMMY MOMMY HELP ME!! LIAM IS HURTING ME!!! After he cut a clear cut I started to bleed and I blacked out..... When I woke up I saw lights and big people..... They were talking about me leaving mommy and Liam?...and I wanted to leave forever after they saw I was up they put stitches in my neck and told me to rest and go to sleep and calm down..... After I woke up again they gave me clothes and told this guy to take me home forever and to keep me safe !!! I was little compared to him really little I am 5 he is 18 I'm really small and he is kinda nice to me but he is not MY DADDY!!!.. I gess I'll be ok hear.

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