You lost me

Me and him got along so we'll until daddy died after that LIAM WENT CRAZY mommy started drinking and I was all alone then one day me and Liam were in the kitchen and he took a knife to my neck and sliced it they rushed me to the hospitle and they took me away I got ADOPTED bye a bastard named ASHTON FROM 5 SOS


3. gone

Mama payn's pov

I was in the living room and daddy was in the kitchen making brecktfist for us all we we're having eggs bacon and sauge with orange juice. Then I Hurd a bump then a thump so I ran In the kitchen and dragged him in to the living room then I woke up the kids LIAM VALIRA GET UP AND SAY GOOD BYE TO DADDY BRFOR HE DIES!!!! They came down stairs and VALIRA started crying after she said bye to daddy Liam picked her up and took her to his room she was crying I was crying shortly after I called the hospitle and he dyed we had a funniral a week later but val and Liam did not come they were to bad and to sad to come see him be barried in the ground. After his funniral I went home and Liam was sleep and Val was with her Uncle Sam it was hard going home so I went to the bar in are house and got some beer and got drunk then I went to bed and I didn't Evan feed the kids but heyy Uncle Sam was hear for that!!!

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