You lost me

Me and him got along so we'll until daddy died after that LIAM WENT CRAZY mommy started drinking and I was all alone then one day me and Liam were in the kitchen and he took a knife to my neck and sliced it they rushed me to the hospitle and they took me away I got ADOPTED bye a bastard named ASHTON FROM 5 SOS


4. after it

Liam's pov

I was in bed when I smelt beer oh damn mum is home I went to check on Sam and Val when I walked in he was duck taping her to her bed telling her to shut up I told him to GET THE HECK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! As he left val started crying I couldn't handle it or her so I took her into the kitchen and started singing to her and making us some dinner while she was watching tv mum came down stairs and slapped her and then she slapped me I'm guessing she was drunk it's been 3 weeks since dad died and mum had been like this since dad umm left and mum has been drinking and abusing Val and me and Uncle Sam was arrested for doing that to Val .

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