Alpha's daughter

Blaise always liked Jessica Vale. One day he musters up the courage to ask her out. Will she say yes? As time goes on Blaise discovers something about Jessie that will blow your mind. What is this secret?


9. Oh Brother

There I am standing with my fist at my side as Darren recovers from the massive blow to the face. In my defense, he was being an asshole. The dark haired boy has his hand over his bleeding nose and his brown eyes are wide. I guess he didn't see that coming. Well, he should've.

Word of the wise: don't act like an asshole.

My eyes shift to meet Jessica's. Her sky blue eyes are burning with the rage of a thousand suns. He blonde hair still looks perfect. Her hands are balled into tight fists at her side. I almost cringe away. I've never seen her so angry before. This can't be good.

"BLAISE! Why did you punch Darren!?" She yells.

I shrug. "He was being an asshole." I say simply.

Her nostrils flare. "HE IS MY BROTHER!" She yells.

Brother!?!??! She never mentioned any siblings. Hell, she didn't mention being a werewolf either. What else hasn't she mentioned.

"Oh," I say like a dork. "In that case I'm sorry." My voice shrinks in embarrassment. This is horrible. I thought he had a crush on her or something, but he's her brother!? They didn't look alike at first but now that I think about it they resemble each other with the facial features.

She sighs. "Did he turn?" She asks Darren.

He nods. "Yeah, he has a white coat." He says. "You know what that means?" He asks with his hand still covering his nose which was probably broken.

What does he mean about my coat being white?

Jessie's eyes widen. "No." She says and glances at me. "That can't be! He was bitten not born a werewolf!"

"I know that." Darren says. "I was shocked too but I saw it with my own eyes."

Jessie looks down at her feet and doesn't utter a word for a good few moments. "Then we need to see father immediately." She says with a voice void of any emotion. She comes and unlocks the cage.

I walk out along with Darren. He uses his white T-shirt to clean the blood away from his nose. We're going to see her father? Oh crap...

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