Alpha's daughter

Blaise always liked Jessica Vale. One day he musters up the courage to ask her out. Will she say yes? As time goes on Blaise discovers something about Jessie that will blow your mind. What is this secret?


3. Dreaming? or Nah?

Jessica Vale stood naked in front of me as I lay dying. I never thought anything like this would happen. But as the last thing I might ever see, well, let's just say I'm not disappointed.

"Blaise!" She wept kneeling down beside me. Her golden hair hung in disarray over her breasts. Damn. "Oh, no." Her eyes darted to my mangled left leg.

Was she seriously a wolf it am I imagining things? My gaze met hers. "Jess?" Was she actually here or am I dreaming? The pain told me otherwise. I wanted this to be a dream. Jessie wasn't a wolf and I wasn't bitten by one.

I tried to sit up and wipe the years from her eyes but the pain was too much. I've never seen her full out cry like this. This was strange. I wanted to comfort and tell her I was fine, but that would a lie.

Jess's head searched around frantic. Her eyes determined but scared. "Help!" She yelled. Her voice wavered. "Please help!" She pleaded. A tear fell down her cheek. Her pale eyes darkened.

Another wolf a appeared from the brush. Where were they coming from? This one was running towards us. It had dark grey fur and deep brown eyes. I cringed away in fear. That other wolf had bit me, Jess's wolf protected me, what would this one do? It stopped running and looked quizzically at Jessica. "Darren, take him to my father." She commanded with authority.

The wolf nodded. It let out a howl and it's back convulsed.the howl then turned into a deep cry. The figure stood upright. Human, male. He had wispy brown hair and brown eyes. I guess he was good looking. I felt like vomiting, he was starch naked. Ewww....

So he was a wolf too? What about the one that ran off? Was that a human/wolf too?

The pain throbbed throughout my body. I don't know how much longer I can hold on to conscientiousness. My eyes fell closed against my will. It was too much. My last thought was of the beautiful Jessica Vale. The one I knew from the sixth grade. The one with the hair of sunshine and eyes of the sky. The one the could turn into a wolf.

I felt strong arms lift me up and carry me away. Was it god? Or was it the devil? Then everything went black....

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