Alpha's daughter

Blaise always liked Jessica Vale. One day he musters up the courage to ask her out. Will she say yes? As time goes on Blaise discovers something about Jessie that will blow your mind. What is this secret?


2. Attacked

Jessie and I have been dating for about a month now. I have to say I have gotten to know her ruby glass lips well. She started sitting with me and my friends. She was quiet around them, but when it was just the two of us she really opened up.

It was summer time and later today Jess and I were going out for dinner. The place we were going was over by the beach, it was called Howlers. It was like a bar/steakhouse type place. Me and my buddies would go there and play pool and pick up chicks. Now that I have Jessica Vale I don't do the last part.

I got dressed for jogging. There was a trail through the woods I would jog occasionally. No one really uses it besides me.

I wore a white tank top and some black Jordan's shorts. I grabbed my MP3 player and headed out the door. My mom was still asleep in her bed. My dad left the day I was born and I'm an only child.

I started down the street. In between two house was the trail. I jogged to the opening in the trees.

Surrounded by nothing but trees and the sound of music through the earbuds, this was heaven. Almost every morning I would run down the path if I had the chance.

A sound broke through the haze of Bruno Mars. It was a mournful howl. Some coyote was stuck in mr. Bensons traps again. Poor thing.

I continued jogging until I heard a more aggressive version of the sound. I stopped running. It was too close. I pulled the earbuds from my ears. A rustling in the bushes caught my sight.

A low growl echoed through the trees. A chocolate brown wolf leaped out of the trees and stared me down in the middle of the trail. He blocked my way. He bared his horrible sharp teeth and snarled at me. I put my hands up and took a few steps back. There wasn't any wolves in Florida is there? This was no coyote.

It was huge! I've never even seen a wolf this big on animal planet. "Woah, easy." I say taking a few more steps back.

No use. It kept coming forward. It growled. Its brown eyes gleamed with a burning hatred. Why? It crouched down and pounced. Its claws latched onto my shoulders and I fell to the ground, tackled by the beast. I pushed its head up to keep it's snapping jaws away from my face. "Ahhhgh!" I push the beast off me with one big shove.

Infuriated, it sunk it's teeth into my calf. I screamed out in pain. I tried to kick it off, but his teeth sunk deeper into my flesh, scraping against bone. It felt like nails against a chalkboard tenfold.

Something barreled into the brown wolf sending it flying. It was a wolf with golden fur. It had angry pale blue eyes. It's sharp teeth were barred at the wolf that bit me. A horrible growl came from the blonde wolf. The brown wolf lowered it's head and scampered off. Why was the darker wolf intimidated? It was much larger.

Blood still pored from my mangled leg. A slight of blood oozed down my arms from my shoulders. That wolf got me good.

The gold wild turned toward me with a softer expression. I cringed away. Was it going to attack me too?

The wolf lowered it's head and made a whimpering sound. It's back convulsed and it's spine protruded from it's back. It released a howl that turned into a scream. The figure stood upright like a human and I couldn't believe my eyes. Jessica?

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