Those green eyes

Walking home and about to meet your bestie. What could go wrong? Maddison was doing just that until she got kidnapped by one direction. There will be heartbreaks, tears, laughs and maybe a little love with a certain green eyed boy.
"All I could see was Those Green Eyes"


1. The walk home

Maddison POV

I was walking home from work. I work at Nandos and it’s only a 10 minute walk from my house. You see I like to at least try to help the environment and save petrol. Anyways I live in a house with my mum, dad and my older brother Mike.

I have long black hair that is dip-dyed red and dark brown eyes. As I was walking enjoying the peaceful chirping of the birds I got quite hungry so I made a turn to get to McDonalds. I made my way in.

“Hi can I please get a chicken and mayo”

“Sure, that would be $2 please” the woman at the cashier said.

I handed her the money as she gave me my burger. I sat in the corner, took out my earphones and pressed play. I was listening to Problem by Ariana Grande. Gotta love that song! I finished my burger and threw the rubbish in the bin. I walked out of the restaurant and decided to call my best friend Sarah. I missed her even though I just saw her two days ago.

“Hello?” she said after she picked up.

“Hey Sarah it’s me Maddison”

“Oh hey Mads”

“Yeah hi um I was wondering, see the park that’s next to my house?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Do you want to meet up there?”

“Of course I’d love to see you in five” and with that she hung up. She was crazy sometimes but that is why I love her.

Hey guys i really hope you like this story sorry its short but i promise ill try to make my chapters longer. I LOVE YOU ALL MY CUPCAKES!!!T

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