Those green eyes

Walking home and about to meet your bestie. What could go wrong? Maddison was doing just that until she got kidnapped by one direction. There will be heartbreaks, tears, laughs and maybe a little love with a certain green eyed boy.
"All I could see was Those Green Eyes"


4. Raped...

Maddison POV


He started to strip down and then that’s when it hit me that I was gonna be raped! Oh no no no! I can’t lose my virginity to some hot and dangerous- WAIT MADDISON SHUT UP!!!!! He got on top of me again the exact same way as before and started kissing me extremely roughly and hard. He massaged my breasts and unclasped my bra and threw it aside and started to slide down my panties. He started to suck on my nipples and bite them. I let out a moan of pain when he started to massage my private part. His lips left my breasts and went down to my private part. He started sucking on my clit and massaging my folds with his fingers. I kept trying to squirm and get away from him but he securely held me down. I suddenly stopped moving when he thrusted a finger inside of me. I screamed out in pain but it wasn’t loud because of the tape. Tears were streaming down my face as it hurt so much. He then put another finger in and pushed in and out of me with his fingers. He took the tape off my mouth.  

“You like that baby, don’t you?” he said with pride. “N-N-No…” I trailed off as I couldn’t speak from pain. He slid down his boxes and his dick popped out. “By the way sweetheart, my name is Zayn if you need to moan”. He said before he thrusted his member into me. I screamed out in pain as he thrusted in harder. “Z-Z-ZAAYYYNNN!!!!” I screamed out. He looked like he was enjoying it because he was smirking with a look of pleasure on his face. He went out of me and kissed and licked my clit when he was done. Zayn kissed me on the lips. “Taste yourself babe. You’re amazing!” I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes. I was really tired. He helped me get dressed in new clothes he had given me and went out and locked the door. I was so tired that I didn’t notice that I was falling to sleep. I closed my eyes and that last thing I saw was strangely those green emerald eyes that looked way too familiar.

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