Movellas: Meet The Authors

This is where writers can tell their fans a little about themselves. This way we can all get to know each other better!!
Note: This was Aza Harris's idea. If you haven't already, FAN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14. The REAL wolf lover.

The first one I did was what I wanted people to think. This is the truth. My name is Mackenzie. I have a soon-to-be step sister named Maiya. @Simba_Nala<3 is not my twin sister. She IS my bestest friend in the entire universe. We are 12 years old. My birthday is ********. You aren't allowed to know. I love the colours Purple and Turquoise, I have a horse named Pipin. And I may or may not be obsessed with wolves. I have two dogs, a Chocolate lab named Dakota, and a Blue-healer/boarder collie/coyote mix named Maddie. They are my life. I love to dance, and I am trying out for the swim team. I think that's it. I hope this won't change your opinion about me,




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