Movellas: Meet The Authors

This is where writers can tell their fans a little about themselves. This way we can all get to know each other better!!
Note: This was Aza Harris's idea. If you haven't already, FAN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7. Melody the Killer

Hi! I'm Melody Johns, or Melody the Killer!


1. I love creepypasta, IM5, and Fly Away Hero.

2. Movellas is my favorite reading site, but Quotev is also amazing.

3. Aza Harris is my best friend.

4. I'm currently writing "Can Killers Love?" and co-authoring "The Story of Raven, The Supernatural Girl"

5. Skylar (wolf lover) and Raven (Raven_the_slytherin) are amazing!!! Go fan them!

6. I am an adopted homeschooler. (Just to let everyone know, homeschooling is not as easy as you think.)

7. I'm on Wattpad and Quotev. Look me up! I'm MissNobody800.


Love you all!

Melody <3


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