Movellas: Meet The Authors

This is where writers can tell their fans a little about themselves. This way we can all get to know each other better!!
Note: This was Aza Harris's idea. If you haven't already, FAN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16. littlemissfandoms <------- SHES AWESOME AND YOU KNOW IT

Here are some not so random facts about me!

1) My favorite colors are mint and pink

2) I am a Potterhead, a Tribute, an Initiate, and a Demigod

3) I'm totally not weird *cough* sarcasm *cough*

4) I have a weird sense of humor only me and my friends can understand

5) I have been on movellas for what, lke a month

6) My real name is *******

7) I live on the planet Fandom Unicorns

8) I am unhealthily obsessed with writing fanfictions and unicorns

9) My lucky numbers are 4, 10, and 13

10) I am ten years old with a ruined mind

11) I think I might me demented for some random reason

12) I do not choose a favorite fandom because I don't want to hurt the other fandoms' feelings

13) After I finish the HOO seriss, I am going to read The Fault In Our Stars

14) I hate One Direction yet, I wrote a fanfiction

15) People say I act too grown up for my age, yet, I feel like Im three mentally

Dat is it vor today, I talk like dis because I veel like it. Goodbye. I suggest looking at my page vor da heck of it. Luv you all!

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