Movellas: Meet The Authors

This is where writers can tell their fans a little about themselves. This way we can all get to know each other better!!
Note: This was Aza Harris's idea. If you haven't already, FAN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10. Delilna Minasaki - ANIME MASER!


So......where to start...?

My name is Delilah Arende. I look like an anime character. XD 

 As you may tell I LOVE reading/writing/and philosophy. I dream of becoming a philosopher someday. Usually people think I'm crazy when I think about reality, but it's usually the other way around. Here are a few more things about me I'm too lazy to put into paragraphs. 

 1. My favorite color is the rainbow.

 2.  I like pie, which is the reason I'm fat. 

 3. I love to tell stories, mostly horror. So if you want a good campfire story, call me. 

 4. I love comedians. I wish to marry one. That why I'd always be in good health

 5. Armin is mine. Your judgement is invalid

 6. My best fangirl/boy friends are FangirlTraveler, Hybrid Child, HPelainaDW, and Night

 7. My motto is "Always remember to ride the moon into tomorrow." 

 8. I love the night, stars, the moon. 

 9. I always believe in a different reality

 10. I think that anything can become real

 11. Family is the only thing I care about

 12. By that I mean friends and family 

 13. J.R.R. Tolkien is my hero

 14. I love tacos

 15. My life dream is to find true love. 

 16. I'm a hopeless romantic


 Anyways, that's meh!!!! Hope you all feel asleep blissfully!

 I love you, stay young, and forget reality! 




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