Movellas: Meet The Authors

This is where writers can tell their fans a little about themselves. This way we can all get to know each other better!!
Note: This was Aza Harris's idea. If you haven't already, FAN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9. Cambie Shadownight <--- SHE'S AWESOME

I am the KING of fat beagles. Not really. Hi. My real name is Laura Grace. I've always lived in Alabama. I love to writer, and draw. I'm very odd. Here is ten things about me.
1. My favorite Disney princess is Princess Lea from Star Wars. (Disney bought Star Wars)
2. I am only 11.
3. I have a dollar worth 100,000 dollars. It is rare. I got it for my birthday. My grandpa said "I'm only getting you a dollar..." It's really important to me.
4. I am highly allergic to cats...
5. My dad was a News Reporter and he won an Emmie for his work as a speech writer. I broke the Emmie at age two. Oops!
6. This is soooo long.... uh..... I secretly love anime....
7. I've always wanted to be a forensic anthropologist, artist, author, actress, day care teacher, director....
8. My birthday is on the fifth of July.
9. I am inspired so much by movellas...
10. GOSH! IT'S FINALLY OVER! I am mentally unstable person, who is in the gifted program for people with multiple talents.
Well, that's all! TTYL (Totally Tired You Lollygagger!)

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